Workshop on Gender Responsive Policing: Issues and Challenges

Engaging with diversity with a focus on gender in the police force is an important pathway towards effective and responsive law enforcement. Understanding the visible and invisible ways in which gender is embedded in institutional designs and practices helps in multiple ways. It reflects how policing, conventionally a masculine space, impact opportunities for participation and representation of women within the forces. It also determines how the law enforcement interacts with the people, especially women and other marginal groups, navigating complex criminal justice systems. In doing this, it engages with the institutional structures and norms that exist around gender in institutions, including those in the realm of security and police.

Given this, governance for diversity with a focus on gender has become integral to the law enforcement discourse globally. In this context, the executive programme Everyday Policing/ Security – Engaging with Diversity with a focus on Genderoffers a customized course that helps the participants augment their engagement with diversity with a focus on gender equality. The course is designed in a way that engages with everyday aspects on policing enabling the participating officers to reflect and integrate the key inputs in their practice.  In doing so the course also aligns with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) pertaining to gender and institutional justice systems. In doing so, the course facilitates a deeper understanding of diversity, equity and responsiveness to the marginalized groups. This, it is expected would lead to meaningful and inclusive policy in the realms of police governance and service delivery.

Sessions are being taken by Prof Rainuka Dagar, Program Director AAAJD and Dr Ipsita Sapra, Chairperson school of Public policy and Governance, Hyderabad campus TISS