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    Gender Rights and Democratic Police Governance: Covid-19 Insights and Challenges

    By Rainuka Dagar The worldwide accepted data of one in three women facing violence in their life time rose sharply during covid.  Since the pandemic violence against women has increased with nearly one in two reporting direct or indirect violence. Covid-19 exacerbated gender vulnerabilities in two separate domains. The emergency measures  placed additional responsibilities and […]

    Workshop on Gender Responsive Policing: Issues and Challenges

    Engaging with diversity with a focus on gender in the police force is an important pathway towards effective and responsive law enforcement. Understanding the visible and invisible ways in which gender is embedded in institutional designs and practices helps in multiple ways. It reflects how policing, conventionally a masculine space, impact opportunities for participation and representation of women within […]

    Remembering Innocent

    06th April 2021Rainuka Dagar The passing away of Innocent Chukwuma on the evening of third April was tragic; only 55 years of age and moments before he started treatment for the Acute Myeloid Leukaemia that was diagnosed a day earlier. He was a human rights warrior with a difference – he believed in working alongside […]

    Interrogating The Prosecution of Sexual and Gender Based Violence in Kenya

    The Kenyan Section of the International Commission of Jurists (ICJ Kenya) held the 13th in a series of its justice and rule of law webinars. The webinar was held on 30 June 2020 and it sought to interrogate the prosecution of sexual and gender-based violence (hereinafter SGBV) in Kenya; ICJ Kenya deeply appreciated the participation […]

    Access to Justice for the Poor and Vulnerable in the midst of a Pandemic: the Nigerian Perspective

    By Angela Uwandu, Head of Office, Avocats Sans Frontières France in Nigeria Introduction: Just as in many countries, at the beginning of the pandemic, the entire focus of the government was on the health response. Soon the impact of these measures on other sectors emerged in the face of lockdown in FCT, Lagos and Ogun […]

    Public Participation and Assembly Under Covid-19: The Nigeria Experience

    By Rita Ilevbare (Esq.), Executive Director, Gender Relevance Initiative Promotion (GRIP) On 11th March, 2020, the World Health Organisation (WHO) declared an outbreak of a new viral disease; Coronavirus, also known as COVID-19. The virus was first identified in Wuhan on 17th November, 2019, by December, 2019; it had sufficiently spread enough to cause serious […]

    COVID-19 and Violations of Democratic and Human Rights: The India Experience

    Professor Abdul Shaban, Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai, India. The health emergency and bio-disasters which COVID-19 has wreaked, saw the governments across countries violating the democratic and human rights of their citizens. There are a few countries in Africa that do not have statutes and laws in place for the management of disasters like […]

    Suggestions Preventive Steps with Regard to Prevention of Coronavirus in Prisons

    I. Release on Bail and Probation Release of Under Trial Prisoners on PR Bond under Section 346 and 436A CrPC: Special efforts need to be undertaken to identify Under Trial Prisoners (UTPs) who are eligible for release on Personal Recognisance Bond (PR Bond) under Section 436 and 436A Cr.P.C. This can be done with the […]

    Preventive Steps with Regard to Prevention of Coronavirus in Beggars’ Homes and Child Care Institutions

    While the Hon’ble Supreme Court is looking at prisons and juvenile homes, this is to request to consider other custodial and other institutions where vulnerable populations are housed in large numbers. Unfortunately, these groups have very high risk of infections due to their low immunity that is further deteriorated due to the condition in institutional […]

    India’s jails are vastly overcrowded. Here are some ways to protect inmates from Covid-19

    The Covid-19 pandemic is throwing up new challenges every day. One issue that is yet to come to public notice is the danger it poses to people in custody. At best, it is seen as a possible risk. But the extent of the risk is far from being understood. The United States and Iranian prisons […]