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Police Accountability In Africa Conference

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International Conference On Police Accountability In Africa

Theme: Achieving Effective, Legitimate and Sustainable Security Sector Reform.
Venue: Intercontinental Hotel, Nairobi, Kenya
Dates: 3rd -4th July 2019
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Our Objectives

To advance justice in public safety, gender rights, election systems, and governance from a multicultural perspective and a south-south approach.
To generate knowledge and tools that fit local needs while promoting global rights standards.
To strengthen local and regional ..More

Our Mission

To draw on south-south partnerships for synthesizing evidence-based local knowledge for providing an inclusive perspective to ‘secure development’. It will generate local need-based knowledge, strengthen regional networks and implement innovative practices/models for change in collaboration with government institutions and civil society.

Conference on Police Accountability

Two regional conferences one each in West Africa and South Asia are being organized to identify gaps and opportunities in police accountability in the regions. A wide range of stakeholders to police accountability including police leadership, parliamentary members, civil society, media, and academia will confer on advances and shortfalls in three spheres of police accountability- internal, state and social controls.

Mapping Police Accountability

How can police governance regarding performance (or crime control) cost and conduct be analysed holistically and inclusively? What indicators and their cluster can be evolved to measure performance, leadership, policy change and institutionalization in varying conditions and population groups?  The project maps these dimensions and others for select African and Asian countries widening the country base annually.

  • Indicators basket for Police Accountability – An indicator-based measurement tool with theme specific baskets of indicators, sensitive to different population group and vulnerabilities will be constructed.  For instance, what indicators best capture police accountability to ethnic minorities, women or migrants.
  • Web interactive indicators baskets – The framework will be constructed into a web tool that will offer police accountability outputs for themes, population groups or regions. The indicators will be populated and updated annually, allowing practitioners to map and track performance.

Governance reforms in post-colonial societies

In support of innovation responding to local needs of safety and security, pilots from West Africa and South Asia will be developed to generate knowledge and improve service delivery in policing.

Evolving a Pilot Project: Local police accountability reform

Election management in democracies is a challenging task. The core of any functioning democracy is legitimacy. And the basic ingredient of legitimacy is based on the perception as to how far electoral processes have ensured free and fair elections, and how far democratic institutions have become more participatory and representative. This assumes imperative relevance, especially, when crisis of trust and legitimacy of the institutions and of the leadership become pertinently pronounced.