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Police Station Week

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    The Police Station Visitors Week (PSVW), developed by Altus Global Alliance of which the AAAJD member CLEEN Foundation, Nigeria was a founding member, is an initiative that AAAJD proposes to take forward. The PSVW is an innovative methodology of annual police station visits to mobilize citizens to assess their local police stations to cull out and share best practices and improve station services on international human rights standards with feedback provided from citizens.
    Included here is the first report of the PSVW 2006 and another from 2013 that maps the scope and local specific reforms that the PSVW was able to initiate.
    Emphasis on police accountability and the quality of police oversight, serving as a source of knowledge and innovation for government officials, human rights activists and citizens around the world, concerned about the effective and fair control of policing.

    Police Station Visitors – Global Report 2006

    Police Station Visitors – Global Report 2013