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Webinar Series 1: Safeguarding Rights in covid-19

AAAJD > Webinar Series 1: Safeguarding Rights in covid-19

    The unprecedented crisis of the COVID-19 pandemic has not only been a health emergency but also a human rights crisis. Governments across countries and within the African and Asian regions, have deployed a number of measures to curtail the spread of the disease including empowering police and law enforcement institutions with additional responsibilities to enforce COVID-19 directives. In some countries, these added police responsibilities have come with extra powers which have in some cases resulted in the misuse of such powers leading to human rights violations and sometimes through the excessive use of force to implement COVID-19 measures. While timely and decisive response from the government to challenges posed by Covid-19 can be commended how have they struck a balance between the promotion of public health and safety on the one hand, and the protection of non-derogable constitutional rights on the other?

    AAAJD in association with the CLEEN Foundation , ICJ.K ,TISS and APCOF hosted a series of short webinars (every Thursday, GMT 10 AM ) to discuss some of the key commentaries important to mandate holders, oversight agencies, the legal fraternity and civil society and to any one crafting their own domestic guidance on the issues. A background note, key questions explored , recordings, relevant UN guidelines and local writings are available in this section.